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Create Residual Income
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Where You Get A Sales Assistant
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They Generate The Leads For YOU!

They Contact The Leads For YOU!

They Recruit The Leads For YOU!

YOU Get Paid!

A Little Known Business Using
A Powerful Marketing System
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You can get money now by using
An Easy Sales System
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4 Great Reasons To Use The
We Make The Sales
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High Quality Outsourced Sales

Extremely Simple To Use

This Easy And Powerful Marketing System That Is Creating
Lifetime Residual Incomes For Me and Others
with this little known company and a product
that virtually has no competition!

$100 to $5,000 $$ or More Residual Income A Month,
From Home
Using The We Make The Sales System,
Is not uncommon...

Listen! No Need To Make Calls.

No Websites To Build.

No Need To Drive Traffic.

No Need To Buy Leads.

No Need For AdWords.

No Search Engine Optimization.

No Writing.

No Pay Per Click.

No Learning Curve.

No Selling.

No Need To Bother Friends.

No Paying For Useless Services.


No Hassles

We Make The Sales For You

Y E S!

Money Making Home Business Opportunities
That Are A Proven Success.

A Great Money Making Marketing System For
Thousands Of Home Based Business Owners.

Incomes Of $100 and even $5,000 a Month
or Even More in some cases.

Make Money From Home Sitting On The Couch

This Is A Straightforward Marketing System That Allows You To Make A Respectable Income From Home Sitting On Your Couch. YOU CAN MAKE MONEY NOW!

Plus You Don't Need To Sell...

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Intellesell T.E.A.M. Marketing Assistance

Introducing... T.E.A.M. Marketing Assistance. You will get a professional sales and marketing team that advertises and promotes your business and make the sales for you!
Our sales team will make the sales for you. Your Sales Assistants will target opportunity seekers by making cold calls and directing them to web pages where they will enter their contact information. Your assistant will call and qualify all of these leads. Your sales assistant will then follow up with your prospects and answer any questions they may have. As your prospect learns about this marketing system they will be highly motivated to join your opportunity.
You will receive commissions from these sales!

Intellesell Residual Income Opportunity

You will receive sales commissions on each sale your Team Marketing Assistant makes for you.

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By the way, they have Doctors, Truck Drivers, Stay at Home Moms/Dads, Teachers, Nurses, Sales Clerks, Students, and thousands of others who are already doing this business and everyone is MAKING MONEY. This Sales System is proven and utilizes Great Marketing Strategies.
This Money Making Business is working!

So What's The Catch?

Sorry, There Is None.

All You have to do is to work with your Sales Assistant.
That's It!
That's all you need to do.

This is a super simple and easy marketing system.

You just provide the desire and the willingness and it's all simple from there.

They Will Guide and Tell You Step by Step How This System Works. It's Simply Easy, but there are a few things you need to know.

They Are Going To Show You How To Start Your New Business Opportunity with a low start up cost.

Step By Step Intellesell Postcard Marketing SystemThey Then Show You How To Build it Step By Step Into a Huge Cash Cow.

They Will give You The exact marketing system that pulls in Customers and Distributors like crazy to your business.

Join The We Make The Sales Program and Make Money.... It's So Simple A Fifth Grader can do it!

You will be on your way to making more than you made at your old job. Probably more money than you have ever made in your life and with much more free time.

Therefore There's Just One Question...
Are You Ready?

What if you discovered a real business that was extremely affordable, had a zero learning curve (meaning even a 5th grader could do this), you make money every day - and you NEVER had to talk to a single person?

Would you be interested? We think so, and here’s why.

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Congratulate Yourself - Because YOU Just Found The Absolute Easiest,

Most Powerful And Automated, Permanent, Lifetime Income Opportunity On Earth!


Chris Beddoes

Chris Beddoes

Hello, my name is Chris Beddoes

Me and my team are looking for people who’d like to create a healthy residual monthly income and perhaps even become wealthy in today's economy with the easiest work at home businesses that are without question going to make money for you.

We are using the outbound telemarketing service which can be used to make sales for you automatically. It can also make you wealthy.

You can create for yourself a massive weekly residual income using this telemarketing system that will pay you for years to come.

Through using the We Make The Sales marketing system -- we are enjoying amazing conversion rates.

It's so simple. You receive so much for so little that you would have to be crazy not to do this. There is no learning curve!

Right now, you can tap into this “ready-made” Marketing System and start making BIG Money.

Listen to me when I say this…You can scour You-Tube, Craigslist, Google, Yahoo and Home Business magazines -but you will NOT find an easier or more effective business opportunity marketing system than this anywhere. You can’t find a better one.

Almost every Marketer is struggling and failing miserably. However, We Make The Sales has solved every single problem. When you see and hear the'll know it's real.


You will NEVER have to sell, convince or talk to anyone about your business opportunity if you don't want to. The ONLY time you may want to is AFTER you're making tons of money! How easy is that? They just took away 100% of your fear, anxiety and stress about "selling". They've made this "simply irresistible" for people. Every other so called marketing system just became OBSOLETE.

Never again will you have to convince friends and family to buy from you. Nobody likes to deal with doing this - especially when they are brand new and have no “story” to tell. This is exactly why We Make The Sales advertises...

We do the selling for you!

This is a true No rejection or objection business.


Here's How It Works...

We Make The Sales has truly leveled the playing field for its Customers that don't have the time to build a successful Home-Based Business on their own. There is no need for you to develop your own individual strategies, marketing campaigns, web sites, prospecting, or selling.

They use very aggressive marketing strategies to create sales within your own portfolio of companies.

They present to you super products and prestigious businesses that create huge residual income fast.
(Residual = sell once and receive commissions on a continual basis.)

You get the benefit of receiving multiple streams of income through We Make The Sales and your portfolio of Business Opportunities. You have the ability to earn a full time income through the marketing system.

"I received a postcard that claimed that I could sit back on the couch and they would do all the work for me. Of course I didn't believe it, but I checked it out and decided to give it a shot. I am so glad I did! I purchased an We Make The Sales Advertising and They do all of the sales for me and I get paid commissions from the business opportunity I joined."

Gerald H.
Norristown, PA
"I never figured there was a company with a way to advertise and make sales for me. They have a sales team to do the sales for me! I'm finally earning the money I've tried so hard to in the past by using the We Make The Sales system."

Janice B.
Valdosta, GA
"The We Make The Sales System is incredible! I just signed up for a business opportunity and let We Make The Sales do all of the selling for me. It's really that simple. They do most of the work and I get paid."

Mitch C.
Summit Point, MD
"I've struck out so many times trying to build a home-based business, I had actually given up. Then a miracle happened… a friend introduced me to We Make The Sales and my entire life changed! "

Elizabeth D.
Lewisburg, TN
"As a single mother desperate to find additional income to make ends meet, I am totally amazed at what the We Make The Sales Marketing System provides for me. I purchase recruiting services and We Make The Sales does all of the sales for me. Of course the best part is that I earn commissions from the businesses that I signed up with."

Abby C.
Dayton, OH
"Like everyone else, we have needed to find a way to stretch our dollars to make ends meet. With the extra income that our sales consultant has brought in, we have found a way for me to be a stay at home mom with our two small children. In addition, we can finally afford to take a much needed vacation."

Kim and Chris V.
Palmdale, CA

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1) Our marketing strategy has virtually zero competition.

2) This company is basically unknown in the U.S.A... which will empower you to be among the biggest earners in the company.

3) The outbound sales calls system works to create massive duplication in your group. You only fail if you quit!

4) You can earn a full time income with We Make The Sales and your Portfolio of Companies.

You get cold calls made to opportunity seekers, an online sales funnel, and your sales assistant that will make the sales for you. How much would it cost to hire a full time sales professional that makes all of the sales for you?

Believe me when I say that NOBODY is doing what we're doing. Those so called "gurus" are doing things backwards and dreadfully wrong. This can ALL change for you today.

We're giving you a complete NO brainer opportunity that's absolutely a proven system that has been responsible for creating thousands of dollars in earnings.

NOTE: Due to the overwhelming popularity and attention we’re getting -- it is highly suggested that you do not hesitate to join us. Fence sitters will unfortunately miss the boat. Grab a spot today while you can get in front of the huge numbers of people who will soon be joining.


Step 1

Click on the CLICK HERE button below.

Step 2

When you get to the site fill out the form on the right.

Step 3

You will be emailed instructions on how to get your first month free.
Sign up and watch your commissions come in.

We Make The Sales

I encourage you to TAKE ACTION NOW!

And oh... for you “shoppers”,if you’re asking yourself -

“Is this one for real?”.

My answer to you is -- YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT IS!


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